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Mission: Accomplished

Greetings!   I haven’t posted anything in quite a long time- I have been very busy with new programs I have added to my martial arts academy and Warrior Path programs.  The weather here in the Sonoran Desert has been beautiful indeed, so I have spent much of my free time outside (working on my house and updating training equipment),  hiking, gardening, spear /sword/ axe training and basically NOT sitting in front of the computer for any length of time.  Well, both the weather and current socio-political events are heating up considerably, so I am back inside and on the computer to resume  screaming from the cave…….

I am going to address the newest (possibly engineered) collapse of order in Baltimore, and the concurrent threat to civilized Western society that it represents  .  I could very easily cut and paste the events of Fergudishu, as much of the elements are the same.  The same Social Justice wankers, the same race hustlers, the same social engineers are sinking their toxic, control-thirsty fangs into this ……”event”….as well.  I don’t need to re-hash too much.   There are, however, a few differences that have   far more sinister implications, in my opinion.

Let’s start with that idiot mayor of theirs.   It is now a matter of record, with much collaboration from multiple law enforcement sources, that she ordered the police to stand down.  Her justification apparently was to give those thugs a ‘safe place to destroy things’. WHAT !?!?!?!?    She said  ‘it’s only property’.   How do you think the business owners whose property was destroyed by these  savages will react?  What about their rights?   How about their employees, whose jobs are now threatened by this grotesque abandonment of responsible leadership and basic common sense?   Will they nod their heads in understanding and commiseration for the poor, disenfranchised street thugs who only know how to burn down their own communities and assault innocent people?   No, I am sure that like all other reasonable, civilized folk, the good people of Baltimore who were harmed by this insanity  would be enraged .  I hope at the very least she gets her Marxist, liberal a**  impeached, with several massive class-action lawsuits filed against her.  Look at this in the context of the anti- business culture now breeding in our society (‘you greedy business owners. How dare you MAKE A PROFIT!!??!’)  Starting to get the picture?

I am sure you are seeing a common thread with this and Fergustan.   The running theme of ‘we have to let them run amok because……whitey’ is even more prevalent in this instance. There is also another commonality here, and it is one that the  drooling propaganda whores of mainstream media are very dilligently trying to cover up. We all know by now about Michael Brown- he was a violent, repeat offender who had just assaulted a store owner and robbed him, when Officer Wilson stopped him (at which point the extremely large and aggressive Brown tried to grab Wilson’s  firearm- in fact assaulting  the officer in the attempt ).  Justice was then served.   The officer did what he had to and was absolutely in the right (as the Missouri Supreme Court concluded).    In this Baltimore case, we have a suspect with a laundry list of violent offenses, including narcotics trafficking.  In fact, he was being arrested at the time for that very thing.   When you are a known drug-felon, and you are caught in the act again, and you are armed, what do you think is going to happen?    These are not the innocent, upstanding community bright stars that the Politically Correct sheeplings  and media want you to believe they are.  These two brought it on themselves.   When they CHOSE to deal drugs, when they CHOSE to steal and assault, they were solely responsible for the consequences. NOT the police, NOT the ‘evil capitalist’, NOT ‘Whitey’. They themselves bear the responsibility for their stupidity and criminality.  If you hear anyone suggesting anything else,  they are pushing an agenda. 

OK. Speaking of  agendas, now I’m going to drag you  deep down into the rabbit hole…..

Brace yourself.  This will not be pleasant.

It should be obvious that this Saul Alinsky inspired culture of welfare and state dependancy is fueling  this chaos.  THAT is the boot of oppression at the throats of the so-called ‘minorities’ (along with  decades of uber-liberal policies like enforced ‘ victimhood’ and race-baiting).  My compassion for them is even more non-existent when they loot and burn their own communities- the very communities that support  them.    PANTS UP DON”T LOOT!

Integrated with all of this is the horrific shadow of Cultural Marxism- the building block for a re-established Global Socialist Utopia.  Political correctness=restricted personal sovereignty and liberty=more State dependency= less strong families=MORE CONTROL.   I have to say that Political Correctness has done possible irreversible damage to our once free republic.    Our freedoms that we hold sacred,  particularly the First Amendment , are  being completely abrogated so as to not offend ululating , suicide-bombing third-world savages and uncivilized, state-dependent hood rats. The attempt to make use of the term ‘thug’ a hate crime is a good example.   Of course,  I need not tell you that the 2nd Amendment ( believe our most crucial) is next on the chopping block. I weep for the future, and for the complete destruction of Common Sense…

Have you wondered why bad actors like the SEIU and  the American Communist Party are logistically supporting these violent riots?  Did you know that the Big Daddy of global communism himself,  George Soros , is directly funding all of this?   Do you wonder why?  I believe it is all planned, and it is all connected.  It pains my soul to say this, but I am afraid we may be finished as a  sovereign nation.   The integrated dynamics are far reaching, and events are happening far too simultaneously for it to be anything other than intentional.

The timing of the Siege of Baltimore could not have been better for TPTB.  So, Puppeteers of the Cabal-  Mission Accomplished.  Even though I do lean strongly towards it being co-opted and subsidized out of convenience,  it is obvious that they certainly did not let this crisis go to waste. I find it intriguing that the criminal activities of that Rothschild- handled Maoist Clinton have been abruptly swept under the rug (namely, selling uranium to Iran as Sec.State.  Wasn’t there something about some little dustup in  Benghazi also? ).    We won’t hear anything more about it, nor will we hear about the Clinton Foundation knowingly  taking massive donations from actual, real women oppressing regimes like Saudi Arabia (are the Social Justice tools  going to fly there en-masse,  stamp their self-righteous little feet and demand they stop using the word ‘bossy’? No, didn’t think so). The flashlight of exposure is now removed from that particular globalist- endorsed cockroach, thanks to Baltimore, so she can continue lying and scheming with abandon now.  It is no wonder   that tenets of U.N. Agenda 21- which she strongly champions- can be seen very much active in all of this.  In a nutshell, some of the long term goals of this Kafka-esque Agenda are centralized control of all communities,  complete disarmament of the citizenry, and (at least for the US), a nationalized, Federal police force to replace state and municipal police departments. These will answer solely to a centralized Global government.  Say goodbye to any state’s rights.

Bear in mind that Mayor Rawlings-Blake was recently  appointed to Comrade Obama’s advisory cabinet pertaining to federalizing all  US police departments.  Coincidence?     That race pimp Sharpton was in the news this week propagandizing for this very thing.   Is there any doubt that the Maryland Kristallnacht is going to be used as the impetus to bring this about?   Look forward to our own version of the NKVD very soon. Oh, Stalin would be so proud of his uber-leftist legacy sprouting so fervently here …..

Is it possible that  Rawlings-Blake was ordered to mandate a police stand down?  Very much so.  If that might be the case, that still does not exonerate her in any way.  By proceeding with the order, she implicates herself in a much larger conspiracy. She also must be held accountable for her actions and decisions, and all I said previously still is accurate.  The Nuremburg Defense is utterly invalid.  Take her tacit approval of destruction of private property, and her overt coddling of savage behavior, and tie that all in with everything else I have discussed.  Chilling, isn’t it?  Baltimore, and all of it’s related dynamics, are just the ripples in a much bigger wave of ripples  in a bigger pond than we can’t  visualize from our base conscious way of thinking. But, if you see those ripples as connected, and see how they carry each other across the water, you will see the pond………

Stay frosty. And,  consider bringing in those tomato plants………

R.I.P. Mork

I usually don’t pay attention to,  nor care about,  anything involving celebrities.    Today I am making an exception.

Yesterday we lost one of our most brilliant artists- Robin  Williams was found dead of an apparent suicide.   The world seems just a little bit darker today,   and I imagine that anyone who has been uplifted by his genius would feel a sense of loss and sadness today.

Aside from his warp-speed mind, and his dizzyingly quick improvisation, he imparted a great sense of humanity to everything that he did.  One couldn’t be entertained by his mercurial humor and not be inspired by the tremendous ‘heart’ that went along with it.   I would always feel uplifted, even inspired, after laughing my a** off!  Movies like “Good Morning Vietnam” and  “Patch Adams”  made me laugh and brought me a measure of happiness, but also offered me a sense of hope, of humanity.

Peace be upon you at last, brother.

You will be sorely missed.


Warrior’s Path: A Way of Being

 (This is an article I wrote a few years ago, and I thought it appropriate for the first actual post here at the new OHJ.   You may have read this at the old site if you are a subscriber, but I believe it is worth re-visiting…….)

Warrior’s Path: A Way of Being  

‘He stands over the mangled bodies at his feet, his gore-drenched axe finally satiated in its bloodlust. He takes in the destruction around him, barely seeing it through the still red gaze of his slowly subsiding fury, Another glorious battle, he thinks to himself, more fallen enemies to my name, and most assuredly, one step closer to Valhalla…’         

For most, this is the quintessential Warrior. A man-at-arms, a champion, a blade-slinger, fighting great battles and marking his many names throughout heroic epics with the blood of his foes. While there are of course grains of truth to that image-both historically and within contemporary society-this limited idea falls quite short of the true nature of the Warrior. It is not necessarily a path forged by the sword; it is a path of the mind, the heart, and the spirit.  Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of this understanding, but still there are many misconceptions and untrue stereotypes of what constitutes a Warrior.

The path of the Warrior is not necessarily just one of war and battle. The individual striving for success to support  themselves and their families; the person fighting the demons of addiction; the person overcoming a debilitating (or potentially fatal) illness- these are all Warriors of the Spirit. We all know someone in a similar situation, we may even admire them for their strength and courage. These situations are not the blood-drenched fields of battle conventionally associated with the Warrior, but it is a ‘battle’ nonetheless. A core virtue of the Warrior is determination, always striving towards a goal, or needed change, with an unwavering sense of purpose. Self-discipline is a crucial element of this virtue, keeping to one’s intentions and staying focused on the task. This often requires great courage- not necessarily in the face of spear and sword, but the ‘slings and arrows’ of negative influences, undue criticism, and obstacles (even self-imposed ones). In the times we live in now, I also recognize another type of warrior- the ‘infowarrior’. These are people who educate others about their personal liberties, inspire others to seek truth within the darkness of propaganda, and inspire others to be self-actualized and empowered as strong,  caring, sovereign individuals.

So, like our conventional archetype of the victorious soldier, the Modern Warrior strives against all odds to achieve goals, whether it’s a better life situation, personal healing, to educate and inspire others, or even just to grow and learn in a new direction.

Hence to fight and conquer in battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence is in defeating the enemy without fighting”- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  Another misconception of the Warrior is what is portrayed through modern media and popular movies- unbridled rage and aggression, and larger than life ‘heroes’ dealing with problems with fists rather than brains. This is also not what it means to walk the true Warrior Path.  A Warrior virtue is balance- seeking a harmony within the mind, body and spirit. This develops a greater sense of ‘center’, and being more attuned to our own beings. This balanced internal dynamic resonates into the world around us. As my Sifu (Grandmaster Khan) often said to me. “Be of calm mind and rightful spirit”. To me, this means maintaining my inner anchor, and always knowing who I am and what my intentions are at all times. If we lash out violently in anger or rage, or just plain stupidity, we are definitely not in control of that center. A true Warrior is aware of their control, and maintains it. There is a great difference between reacting emotionally, and acting appropriately (or ‘acting as trained’). I have had cause to use my skills in some situations in the past.  However, I responded with only what was necessary for the situation, nothing more and nothing less. One who is on this path should not hesitate to act in an appropriate manner to do what is necessary, nor should they overreact out of uncontrolled fear or blind hostility.

For a Warrior (especially a trained one), a dynamic of personal control is taking responsibility for one’s actions. In the context of the martial arts, if you are fully aware of what you are capable of, you will have greater control over how you choose to respond to any given situation.  In everyday life, our awareness of personal control gives us a strong sense of responsibility- knowing how our physical, mental, and energetic actions connects with and affects the world around us. For the Warrior, it boils down to a very simple truth- ‘Knowing Self’. With that, one can walk the Warrior Path with a strong sense of resolve, greater self-confidence, and a peaceful and balanced mind, body and spirit.

“Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys. Look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death”. – Sun Tzu

The heart of the true Warrior is not one filled with brutality, aggression and arrogance. It is a heart filled with compassion, and the need to aid others. Perhaps one of the most important core virtues of the Warrior is service. It goes far beyond service in the name of one’s land or leader, but service to one’s community. It is a person who possesses the Warrior Spirit who reaches out to aid those in the community, or to strive to better the world around them. It is indeed the most important service of a Warrior to selflessly lend a helping hand wherever they are able. The same hand that wields the sword must also reach out with caring. It is through such  action that one finds peace, harmony, and healing within. If we find healing within, we are better able to have a positive impact on all that is around us, to which we are intricately connected.

Another important way in which the Warrior may be of service is to teach and guide others. This is not only in the context of teaching those skills associated with the arts of the Warrior (physical defense, security, and other related dynamics), but guiding others to discover and implement their own strengths. As an example, I have been teaching the martial arts for several decades. The core principle I share with all my students is not just physical prowess, or combative tactics, but self-empowerment. The most efficient techniques possible would be useless without self-understanding, or awareness of one’s strengths or gifts. It is part of the service of the Warrior to guide others to see their own strengths, even if on the basic level of offering a kind, supportive word to someone in despair,  insights and wisdom you have gained,  or to offer simple lessons learned from your own experiences.

A Warrior walks his or her own path with humility. I had the opportunity to provide personal security services for a short time. Even as I served as a protector, I approached the task with a sense of calmness and quiet balance. This allowed greater safety for myself, and for those under my charge, by not projecting ego or any pretense of what I was actually doing (‘ghostwalking’). In that sense, I was able to do what was necessary and serve efficiently without relinquishing my sense of center. I have learned that true humility allows one to be more attuned to their own strengths. ‘Open heart, open mind’ as I call it. If you are open to always learning, you are open to seeing new potentials within yourself. This is also a strong Warrior trait- always seeking to learn and integrate new dynamics; always striving for personal growth. Although I have been a martial artist for close to 40 years  now, I consider myself always a student.

” The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom.”- Sun Tzu

        This understanding has also impressed upon me how a balance of compassion and humility serves in a leadership position. Grandmaster Khan was always an excellent example for me in this context.  Many years ago, he led many personnel in high-risk situations throughout Southeast Asia and similarly dangerous zones. Yet, despite his high position and vast combat experience, he always signed his name with two Chinese characters that translate directly as ‘man of the fields’- essentially, ‘servant’.  He considered himself simply as one who serves out of compassion, strength,  and a protective spirit; while maintaining his own sense of center and self-value (or, as he often would say to me ‘Bow TO out of mutual respect, don’t bow DOWN out of fear’).

One can lead with the quiet confidence earned through experience, wisdom, and sense of self. This taught me a deep understanding of the true way of the Warrior- one can walk this path with both firmness and gentleness, both a peaceful and protective spirit, and most importantly, tempering action with wisdom. The Warrior must always seek the balance.

New home for Open Hand Journal

As of tomorrow (6-25-2014),  the blogcast site I was on will be discontinued, so I have a new home here at WordPress. I will also be attempting to upload content from the old site and archive it here. In any case….I’m back…..(he says, somewhat ominously……)