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This site is simply a venue for me to post my insights and observations, (and occasional venting about the idiocy and outright tyranny I observe in our society today).    I will be touching on a wide variety of subjects: world events, philosophy, history, and of course martial arts, weaponry, and similar pursuits.  There is a new feature here that I didn’t have on the Quick Blogcast site- you will notice a page called Words of Wisdom.   Here I will post quotes by authors/philosophers/generals/historical figures/ malcontents/ famous lunatics  (or anyone else who states something pithy or otherwise thought provoking).  I will post new quotes fairly often, so check it out!

If you found this from my website (www.ghostbearmartialacademy.com),  then you already have a general idea of who I am.  If not, here is a snapshot:

Martial arts teacher and Seeker of Balance. This is now my 40th year as a martial arts practitioner.   On an earlier segment of my life path, I was a protector in the shadows (silently guarding those who traveled and conducted business in somewhat shadier parts of the world).  Ancient history, languages, weaponry, ancient spiritual practices,  scientific theories and their application,  socio-political issues-   all integrate in my mind as avenues of intensive thought and study.

My perceptions of the world around me are strongly influenced by the lessons culled from my life-long journey on the Warrior’s Path.   My journey is nowhere near complete, and there is much more Path ahead……………..

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Perceptions, Observations, and occasional Berserker Rants……..