A Prophetic Fiction

It is uncanny how often works of fiction seem to predict events that come to pass in ‘the real world’, sometimes to the extent of mirroring what transpires. This dynamic punched me right in the gut this week…..

I have been re-watching the miniseries “The Man in the High Castle”, based on the work of the same name by legendary science-fiction author Philip K. Dick. It takes place in 1962, in an alternate reality in which the Axis powers had won WW2 (the US didn’t drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima- in this reality, the Third Reich drops the a-bomb on Washington DC. The US immediately surrenders….) The former United States of America is divided up with the Greater Nazi Reich controlling the East all the way through the western plains, and the ‘Pacific Japanese States’ controlling the West all the way to the Rockies (Imperial Japan). America, as we know it, no longer exists. In the last season of this show, the Nazi propaganda ministers decide that it was time to eradicate American history, and supplant it with their own. Consequently, there are scenes of statues being destroyed (on camera, of course- all part of the propaganda machine). Statues of Lincoln, Washington, etc. are destroyed to great public applause. The Liberty Bell is melted down. In a final statement of permanent regime change, the Statue of Liberty is destroyed in a huge public display with fireworks, while jet fighters deliver the missiles that obliterate this symbol of American liberty. At this time, hordes of Nazi youth take to the streets of New York in celebration. Torches in hand, they proceed to vandalize and burn buildings. When informed that they have set the public library on fire, the Fuhrer (at this point Heinrich Himmler) says to ‘let it burn. let the youth experience this new passion’.

This chills me to the bone. What have we been seeing the past few weeks in our own world? Any statue representing any facet of actual American history is either taken down by force, or vandalized. Buildings in many major American cities are vandalized or set on fire. Several blocks of Seattle were even captured by force of arms (this was called a ‘protest’ by leftist enablers. It isn’t. It is ‘armed insurrection’, and is in fact an act of terrorism, to be dealt with swiftly and harshly via the state National Guard/and or the military. It wasn’t……)

Look at the parellells here. A fictional Nazi regime ordering the destruction of American history; the Nazi youth brigades subsequently being allowed- being encouraged- to run rampant in the streets to cause even more destruction. Our own reality; hordes of antifa/blm degenerates openly destroying symbols of American history and then being allowed- being encouraged- to run rampant in our streets to cause even more destruction.

We have heard far too many leftist political leaders encourage and support this wanton violence. Using globalist weasel-words they try to spin this all as a peaceful protest, while the truth is it is the polar opposite. The Rule of Law is denigrated as the ‘oppresive purview of racist white men’, while hostility, violence, and destruction is couched in terms of ‘activism and peaceful protest for meaningful social change’. Too often, those of us who wish to maintain the tenets of a constitutional Republic are villified by the Left by labeling us ‘bigots’, ‘racists’, ‘NAZIS’…….Reflect on these parellels I have presented to you, and ask yourself who the real Nazis are……..BTW, do you know who else likes to destroy statues? The TALIBAN…….

Are we just unknowing actors in someone else’s version of a dystopian reality? Sometimes I wonder………

I encourage you to reflect on all of this and make your own connections. I hope you can percieve, as I have, the real enemies of our liberty-based Republic. Be aware, BE AWAKE…….

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