Samhain: Sovereignity

Just about every year at this time I offer a primer about Samhain- what it is about, what it is NOT about, and its history. This year, I need to expand on this theme. While I do not mean for this to seem overtly socio-political, I feel it is necessary. I will offer a brief overview on this important ancient Celtic holiday, and perhaps you may see why I have chosen to bring these perceptions to light. As always, I must offer a disclaimer that this dialogue re: any socio-political implications are my own perceptions based on deep research and gathered intel (my own, and intel from “field associates”). I encourage you to reflect on what I say and draw your own conclusions.

Here is an overview if you are not familiar with the reality of this holiday (what has become known as ‘Halloween’). Samhain is roughly translated as ‘summer’s end’ in Irish Gaelic. This holiday is important because it is really several crucial spiritual/cultural dynamics simultaneously. It is the time of the harvest (critical for survival). The Celts lived by their connection to the natural world, and were absolutely dependent on their observance of the changing of the seasons. It is also the beginning of the Celtic New Year (different than the Gregorian calendar that we are used to).

Samhain is the time of year when the veils between worlds were thought to be at its thinnest, so consequently the time to venerate, or be in communion with, the ancestors who have passed on. This is why this time of year is replete with death/skull/ skeleton imagery- it is a recognition of the ‘worlds beyond’ the planes of the living. It is a recognition of the cycles of life, and the natural balance that we must all live in. Life turns to death; all living things must eventually die to allow new life to begin. Death becomes life, re-establishing the great circle of existence in a continual never-ending balanced cycle. It is the liminal time between the light of summer and the dark of winter. The light dies to allow the existence of the dark- that time when we reflect on our ancestors, and reflect introspectively on our own inner selves. The dark dies to bring life back again to the world- the time for new beginnings, and re-birth.

The cycle of life/death: light/dark. They recognized the reality of the dark time of the year, it was part of their existence, and not a thing to ignore or avoid. Hence the veneration of the ancestors- by honoring them at this beginning of the dark, they start to bring light back through their memories and veneration. This keeps them alive in hearts and minds, and is a bulwark to keep the sparks of life present in the dark of winter. With this dynamic, it is also the time that warriors slain in battle were honored. The Celts were formidable warriors (just ask Julius Ceasar!!), and warfare was in fact a spiritual dynamic for them- honoring the Fallen was a crucial spiritual dynamic.

When Europe was Christianized, Samhain became All Hallow’s Eve, which eventually became Halloween. All Saint’s Day is simply the Catholic variation of this very same sacred day. The pumpkins, the costumes, the handing out of treats- all are modern variations of how the Celts celebrated this day. This holiday is absolutely NOT NOT NOT a ‘night of evil’, or the ‘Devil’s Holiday’. Just the opposite, in fact, if one understands its origins. Just like many other dynamics, it is only ‘evil’ if someone makes it that way. It inherently is not in of itself.

OK. Now buckle your seatbelt and remain seated, hands and arms within the conveyance at all times. This is going to be a bit bumpy……

Another dynamic that is present at Samhain is the idea of sovereignity. Much of the honoring of those fallen in battle was a recognition of their sacrifice to preserve the sovereignity of their clans and their culture. The ancient Irish goddess Morrigan was, among other things, the goddess of sovereignity- she is traditionally represented at Samhain (along with the Celtic ‘All-Father’ Dagda). This is an important theme especially this year. On a small scale, we see threats to our personal sovereignity from the ‘woke’ culture trying to ban EVERYTHING that makes them uncomfortable, or that they deem offensive. Petulant, ignorant children, the lot of them. Halloween costumes are ‘racist’, so must be banned. Black jack o lanterns are also seen as ‘racist’, so must be banned. Extreme haunted housed are seen as ‘too scary!!!’ so must be banned. Words themselves are deemed as ‘hate speech’, so must be banned (what’s next- book burnings?! Guess who the real Nazis are in this scenario……..) The temper tantrums from these neo-Marxist head cases are beyond ridiculous. It would almost laughable, if it wasn’t being intentionally propagated by design….

Unelected progressive left activist-bureaucrats from thousands of miles away (I’m looking at you, Brussels……) see fit to dictate how Westerners are to speak, what we should eat, where we should live, how we should think. If you think I am wearing my foil hat too tightly, please read UN Agenda 2020. THAT is a real Halloween fright…….This is the kind of ‘wokeness’ that is being encouraged of the American Snowflake Left. Climate change hucksters hector us that driving our cars is evil and killing the planet!- while they jet around in private luxury planes from one of their many mansions. They use and brainwash children to spew their propaganda (something that both Hitler and Stalin did, by the way). All in the name of ‘do what we say because we know better- you may not have an opinion other than ours because you are a mean, fascist neanderthal. Freedom is racist! Hand over your guns!’

The ancient Celts were steadfast defenders of their freedom, and their right to have their own culture. The Romans found that out the hard way (they won in the end, but they took phenomenal losses during the many invasions required to defeat the continental Celts. The Romans never made it to Ireland. Fortunate for them……) Sovereignity was also celebrated at Samhain through the ‘Morrigan Dynamic’. If you are of the mind to observe Samhain, I strongly encourage you to reflect on your own personal sovereignity and freedom of thought and speech. As you honor your ancestors, reflect on the sacrifices they may have made to ensure that their own future generations could live as a free folk. See what is happening in the broad world around us, and perceive the implications of the professional Victim Culture that seeks to destroy that precious sovereignity of yours…….If you are now scared, congratulations. You just joined the fray, fellow Warrior. By the way, I’ll tell you what’s wrong with society. People aren’t drinking from the skulls of their enemies anymore….

Beannachte’ Samhain

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