Suppressed History: Tool of the New Elite

Most of this entry is re-posted from a much earlier blog I wrote about 4 years ago. It concerns me deeply that it is now necessary to bring this up again. I have edited parts of this to be more current, but most of it is the original post.

Today (March 17, 2019) I want to bring to your attention this new push for reparations among the Children of Stalin (the new ‘Democratic Socialists’ cadre of new congresscritters). This is being spearheaded by the Communist Race-baiter Senator Harris, and it disturbs me to say it is not only gaining traction among this new Hammer-and-Sickle coterie, but is being enthusiastically endorsed.    This ‘Slave Reparations’ agenda is cataclysmically wrong on several levels, but at its core it is in complete denial of actual, real history (but, then, when has the Left ever engaged in actual fact and reality?) This massive disconnect with reality resonates in our present time, and the light of logic and reason shows its shadowed intentions. I can’t argue with the widely held belief that slavery was a horrible stain on our Republic. It was- as I know it must be for many other nations whose ancestors may have engaged in this terrible practice (except, apparently for some Third World Nations where this practice is still going on). I find it wholly despicable that the Left would use this as a tool to try to not only control social narratives, but as a ploy to enact repressive, anti-liberty policies. Despicable, but not surprising.

This is the reality…………

       I’ve never owned a slave.
My family never owned a slave.  There isn’t a single person alive today who can claim to have been a slave due reparations.

      How about the descendants of the Union soldiers who gave their lives in what they believed was the  cause of “ending slavery”?  Does their skin color disqualify them for reparations?  Who will pay those debts? Surely, their sacrifices must count for something.

There were a number of black slave owners in the Colonies (even long before the Civil War). Will those families be forced to pay reparations?  Do you know who was one of the first recorded slave owners in the Commonwealth of Virginia?   A man by the name of Anthony Johnson (originally from Angola)- himself a freed African slave.   When he gained his freedom, he became a property owner who owned slaves, and was one of the first people in Virginia to have his right to own a slave legally recognized.  Will his descendants be expected to pay reparations ? 

There were a lot of black slave traders, primarily based in Africa. They were in fact responsible for starting the trade that eventually brought slaves to the American colonies. Will those families be forced to pay reparations?  Arab slavers went into business with these West African slavemongers.  Shouldn’t the Saudi Royal family pay reparations, too, since their ancestors were slave runners long before the New ‘Americans’ were?

Many Europeans were taken as slaves by coastal raiding Berber pirates in the 16 and 17 centuries.  How about the descendants of these Europeans?  Where is the societal outrage for their enslavement?  REAL history demonstrates that far more Europeans were taken as slaves than in the American colonies and Confederacy combined. Most of them women, for sale in the slave markets of North Africa and various Middle Eastern states (#metoo movement? Hello? No comment on this?…Oh. right, doesn’t fit your narrative….) This aspect of history is never discussed, and is in fact scrubbed from most history books. And why is that? Examine the intentions behind this Reparations agenda and you will deduce the answer.

How about the generations of Irish  who were brought to the Americas as indentured slaves (as many Africans were)? They were forced to work in brutal conditions with hopes of one day being free.   They were treated far worse than the Southern slaves, and were held in deplorable, inhumane conditions in the factories of the North.  They were considered to be less than 3rd class citizens. Yet, independently thinking people are not allowed to address that, because it invalidates the race-based victim ideology that is a valuable tool to control society.  You can’t talk about white people having been enslaved, that is truth and it defies the agenda!  You are a racist!  Bow down now and take your public shaming!!!!!!

Yes, it is true that Black Slaves of the South were whipped. But so were many White Confederates. Whipping was corporal punishment for crimes committed, not for  being a slave.   Maintaining slaves was a very expensive proposition- why would an owner damage an ‘investment’ like that capriciously?  Crimes=punishment, however.  I am not bringing this up to be flippant about it, I am just stating historical fact to put this in perspective.    I know ‘what about the lynchings in the South after the War?’ is now a question. The answer is simple; the KKK were largely responsible, which of course was started by the Southern Democrats, who also were the primary slave-owners of the South. They had the money and connections, you see.  They wanted their former slaves ‘back on the plantation’ (and continue this today in the form of race-based affirmative action, race-based educational benefits, and generational welfare. “No, no you are a VICTIM of OPPRESSION. You MUST be given special status and aid because of your skin color, not your character and meritoh, no no no you cannot do things for yourself, we must do it for you! here, let me fill out that ballot for you”……… racism…..) Lest you may think ‘that was a different party back then’, and you may be right to a degree, remember that one of the longest serving members of Congress was a long-time member of the KKK, and had a prominent executive position with them for decades. Senator Robert Byrd-D.  At his funeral, both Clintons lovingly eulogized him, despite his long term, many decades position with the ‘Klan’. He thought apologizing for it would magically erase his past, and he did it in a disingenuous way purely for political optics.    I didn’t want to turn this post into a political diatribe, but consider very carefully what I just said…….

The nation of Brazil had a far more entrenched African slave tradition,  far earlier, and for much longer, than the American South.  However, Brazil is today hailed as an icon of  Progressive ideology,  despite their slave-owning past.  Where are the internet activist campaigns condemning them for having had slaves?   Will there be demands for them to ban their flag?  Will the government of Brazil  be forced via a global  tribunal to pay reparations to all of their Afro-Brazilian descendants?  Somehow, I just don’t think so. How about the people of Portugal? Surely, some of their ancestors may have been involved in the trade that brought Africans to the then Portuguese colony of Brazil. Will they be forced to pay reparations? Or, like Brazil, are they too ‘woke and progressive’ to be included? (are you seeing the blatant hypocrisy and double-standards yet?)

To this day, slavery continues mostly in Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia.  Why aren’t there rallies and hashtag campaigns aimed at those responsible in those places, rather than at European-descendant Americans (who have nothing to do with slavery anyway, and whose ancestors may have been slaves themselves?!?!)

   If you examine what the War Between the States was really about, you will see that reparations is based on propaganda and deceit.       Yes,  slavery was practiced in the Americas  (as it had been in many other places in the world).   As already stated, Africa had a thriving slave trade long before any Europeans got involved.  As did some  of the Tribes in the Americas (along with practices such as cannibalism , ritual sacrifice, and  torture).   We are brainwashed in the Marxist indoctrination centers known as the educational system to believe that it was ONLY the ‘evil, white oppressive white Europeans’ that did such vile things.  False.  Slavery is a corrupt, horrific, inhuman practice regardless of who is doing it.  Shoehorning the propaganda that it was only White Europeans  who were responsible for all of it into any and all debate is a tool used to silence and marginalize those who seek truth…….            

We are also brainwashed to blindly accept that the Civil War was about slavery itself. Also false. It had absolutely nothing to do with slavery. The North had slaves, too, as human cogs in their industrial machine.  (Ulysses S. Grant himself had a slave,  and it took an act of Congress to free the man even after the war!)   I DO NOT defend the South  slavery practices- I am only sharing historical truth of the true intentions for war between the states.   It is  a solid truth that very, very few Southerners owned any slaves at all.   Only about 2% of the Confederacy were slave-owners, and even then it was being completely phased out via their Constitution by this point in history.   Your average Confederate soldier, if asked why they were fighting, would not say ‘to protect slavery’.    They didn’t own any, their families didn’t own any,  they likely didn’t know anyone who had any.   They would have most likely told you, in their own way,   ‘to defend States Rights of Secession’, as provided for in the American Constitution.            

      It was in fact a war of economic aggression against the agrarian South.  When the Confederacy seceded,  they were already progressing towards westerly expansion .  The North saw this as a threat to their own designs on manifest destiny (and,  by extension, their badly faltering economy) , so although the Southern secession was in fact legal and in accordance with the Constitution,   Lincoln declared war, using the wedge issue of slavery, and ‘preservation of the Union’,  as a justification.  To wit:       

   ” My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union. I shall do less whenever I shall believe what I am doing hurts the cause, and I shall do more whenever I shall believe doing more will help the cause.”  (from The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln,  edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume V, “Letter to Horace Greeley” – August 22, 1862).             

The much maligned Robert E. Lee, whose statues are being removed with rabid intent, was in fact very much opposed to slavery. Far more opposed to it than Lincoln was (as you can read in Lincoln’s statement to Greeley).  Lee owned no slaves, his family owned no slaves nor did they ever. He spoke out against the practice, putting him at odds with the Confederate 2% who did. But, he served as Commanding General of The Confederacy to preserve state’s rights of secession. This all integrates into the very big issue of the 10th Amendment (States Rights).  Villifying anything having to do with secession is a tool TPTB is using to keep the populace in line, and submissive to their liberty-crushing agendas. Reparations would be a tool to help achieve that.

This is  why there was such a propaganda storm about the Stars and Bars flag- a storm of ignorance that I found ridiculous,  and actually insulting to my intelligence. (This flag is actually the battle flag of Northern Virginia, and was the personal standard of Robert E. Lee). That flag has nothing to do with slavery, but the brainwashed masses very dutifully gnashed their teeth in indignance and blind rage.  That has been a cultural icon for well over 100 years – but NOW,  suddenly, it is to be despised.   The sheeple  didn’t start villifying it until Big Liberal Media told them to.  Businesses who sold that flag were commanded to stop selling it,  private citizens who displayed it were even viciously attacked by obedient Social Justice Orcs.  Businesses were bullied,  homes were burned, productive citizens were beaten.     All based on LIES.     It is seen as a cultural symbol, not a statement condoning slavery. It isn’t just white folk flying that flag, you know.        It is, in the hearts of many Southerners (both white and black), to be a flag of rebellion against an overarching, tyrannical central government .    Now you know why any connection to it, indeed to any icon or institution of the Rebel South, is systematically being vilified, and even criminalized. It isn’t about slavery, as the mandated narrative states. It is about obedience to the Marxist Orwellian State currently in Global Ops Mode, and any ideas about sovereignity  and self-rule is to be crushed. “They had SLAVES!!”  is just a useful tool to manipulate the hearts and minds of the population.  Tearing down that flag was a start- now destroying parts of our very  history, and even suppressing ‘inconvenient truths’ to pave the way for actual economic slavery, is  under way . That is something that STALIN did routinely.  As does the Taliban.  The parallel is no coincidence.  

This new playbook from the Righteous Socialists of the New America will use reparations as a wealth re-distribution scheme, as well as oppressing who they consider a danger to their agenda. They seem to believe that this will insure a blindly obedient ‘social army’ to do the bidding of the Globalist Elite.   That really will be slavery.                     

Black, white, yellow, red, brown, blue or  green-  we are ALL being used against each other.  I hope that we all wake up to that reality before it is too late.  So, time to fly a flag of defiance within your own heart and soul.   We all need to be ‘rebels in spirit’  now in the same cause- regardless of our origins- or we will ALL be slaves……….      

    “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”-   H.L.   Mencken

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