Samhain Tidings

A Blessed Samhain to you.

This night is when it is believed that the veils between worlds are thinnest.

This night we honor our ancestors.   We call out to the spirits of our ancestors to join us this night. We honor their blood that runs through our veins, and their memories that run through our souls. We bring those who have passed to life through our love and remembrances.

This night is the eve that  harkens in the Celtic New Year (November 1). ‘Samhain’ literally means November in old Irish Gaelic.  When Europe (and later Ireland) became Christianized,  Samhain became ‘All Soul’s Day’.   Same traditions with a different name.  The night before became known as ‘All Hallow’s Eve’.  This then became ‘Halloween’.   Hearth Celts like myself still call this holiday by the original Irish name of Samhain.

This night we honor the harvest. The bounty of the Earth and the great sacrifices made so that we may live.

This night we honor this liminal time, this time of transition between the light of Summer, and the dark of Winter. In ancient times this is the night that Druids would light the first hearth fires of homes from the ritual bonfires of the village groves. In this we bring Life from Death, and Light from the Darkness.

From our ancestors and from the Divine, however we perceive it,  we ask protection from evil and negativity.  The ancient Celts wore masks to ‘confuse’ evil spirits, and carved totems into vegetables from their harvest to ward off all that was evil on this ‘Night Between the Worlds’.   As we shift from the Light to the Dark, we shed our negative energies, and embrace the positive to keep the Light for the winter times.

This night we honor Sacrifice. Those made by our ancestors, and by ourselves to bring health and bounty to our lives.  We especially honor the sacrifices of our Fallen Warriors.  To the ancient Irish, the souls of warriors slain in battle were embraced by The Morrigan and transported to Tir Na Nog (the ‘Summerlands’) to live in peaceful eternity.  This night  Celts wiould  also honor The Dagda, who brings life and death with the Eternal Club (and never-ending bounty with the Cauldron of Life). The memories of our Fallen are eternally brought to life by our memories as we honor their sacrifices.  To my Celtic ancestors, this is the way The Morrigan and the Dagda ‘worked through them’ to honor our Dead, and bring them to life in our hearts and souls.

This night we honor our place in the never-ending cycle of Life, Death, and Re-birth. The Light dies to begin the Dark. the Dark dies to give life to the Light. The harvest is completed to give us life, the soil becomes fallow to re-generate for planting. Our ancestors and fallen dwell in the ‘Summerlands’, but we bring life to their death by our remembrances and honoring rituals.

This day I offer you my Blessings for a healthy and bountiful winter and New Year.  May the spirits of your ancestors protect you.  Know that they walk with you always, and that their spirits live eternally through your life blood,  and through the  love in your heart and soul.

Beannachte Samhain !!!



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