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I know I haven’t blogged in quite a long time- lots on my plate, and have been focused on healing (successfully, I am happy to say).

I wanted to weigh in briefly on the Lefty Meltdown Of The Day re: Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh.  The newest tantrum from the Libsphere is about what he ‘allegedly’ did when he was a teenager.  Of course, these Communist agitators used their standard ploy- ‘sexual assault’. Doesn’t have to be true, no evidence needed. Just the accusation alone is apparently enough  to sabotage our system of constitutional law and justice.    Bear in mind that this man has been rigorously vetted/background checked/life put under every available microscope by almost every government agency (judicial and law enforcement). He served on the DC circuit courts, has been on Congressional Hearings, and so on.  Shouldn’t it be reasonable to presume that if he had done anything even hinting at illegal or even immoral, that it would have been revealed long before now?  Wouldn’t any illegality have prevented him from serving in any of these esteemed capacities anyway?  There are literally 10s of thousands of  documented data points pertaining to Kavanaugh. In all of that data and background history, there is NOTHING approaching a ‘black mark’  on his record.  SMH Lefties are deranged, spoiled little children…….

Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg, without doubt the most liberal-leaning SC justice to have ever served, has said on record that Kavanaugh is vastly qualified  for this appointment.  It is a given that they are at odds politically, but is she screaming   ‘He was a teenage rapist!’  No. She isn’t.

The accuser, Dr. Ford, has been given every opportunity to appear before the Senate and give her testimony.  I agree that a purported victim has the right for their claims to be heard and considered, and investigated if evidence bears it. However, she has balked at every chance, has issued ludicrous demands, has stalled and delayed and whined and thrown tantrums. Not the behavior of a credible ‘victim’.  More like a guilty party trying to weasel out of having to actually testify.   I wonder if she will even show up at the hearing. Maybe not, since lying in front of a Senate Hearing is a capital crime (whether you are under oath or not.) Yep, she put her own neck into that noose.  On the other hand, Judge Kavanaugh has issued verified statements, and has declared his great willingness to testify under oath of his innocence of these empty accusations (such verified statements are also subject to criminal charges if found to be false).

Ford’s allegations are contradictory, unfounded, and actually bordering very close to seditious. NONE of her ‘witnesses’ are credible- in fact several of them have recanted their statements and admitted that they do not in fact know anything about the ‘incident’; were not at the party in question, and in fact do not even know, nor have ever known Judge Kavanaugh.

So, where does this latest insanity stem from?  It is yet another pathology of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  It is because he is a Trump appointee- that in of itself is cause for the Hate Trigger to be pulled by the Left, though there is another , more insidious reason that I will get to in a moment.  Whether someone agrees with his socio-political stances or not is irrelevant to the larger issue that he is a vetted, immensely qualified candidate. I’m not a sycophant- I judge someone by character and action, and try to see them in a balance (there is the possibility that he acquitted the Clinton’s on the Vince Foster murder. I’ll give him the benefit of a doubt and presume he didn’t have the concrete evidence required for a conviction).

I won’t rehash all of the details of this obvious smear campaign here. If you are keeping up with this, you have already been bombarded with all of the salacious and fictional events as they have unfolded.

But, why are these Soros puppets doing this?  If one were to pay any  heed to mainstream media (and I am surmising that you are intelligent enough not to), then the notion that he is going to remove Roe v. Wade would be your perspective.

Nope. Not the reason at all. It is, however, a very convenient propaganda tool for the Commie Globalists to control the narrative with their political puppets; and to rile up the leftist sheep who Establishment Libs in turn control.  All ‘useful idiots’, as Stalin would have called them (not ironically, they are using his playbook, as well as Saul Alinsky’s).  FFS, women showed up at Kavanaugh’s last hearing in ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ costumes.   Maker help me, leftists are so damn stupid….

The real reason that the NWO Globalists are frantically trying to stop this is their panic about military tribunals. Those are coming. Soon…… They know that their days are not only numbered, but they are all in the cross-hairs.  From what I have ascertained, there will be arrests, there will be prosecutions. This IS going to be a military procedure;  by virtue of Executive Order they may have already been (or soon will be) labelled enemy combatants of the United States and subject to military law.  Sedition and treason can be punishable by execution, and  some of these vermin hopefully will meet that well-deserved fate. Both Clintons, McCabe, Podesta, Strok, Comey; all  systematically  placed under arrest at some point. Those fleeing will not escape, as this would be a military operation , not a civilian law enforcement op.  Even Obama himself  could be included in this sweep (ironic since it was his NDAA that makes it possible. Karma, eh?).  Pay attention to Lindsay Graham’s  questions   of Kavanaugh at his last hearing in front of the Senate.  He answered that he was indeed aware of what military tribunals were for, how they were enacted, and what punishments an individual convicted of treason would face under such tribunals (including the death penalty).   Kavanaugh is the lynchpin in the SC that would make this happen sooner rather than later (or never..) The Hammer is falling……..

I am not spinning this out of whole cloth. This truth is out there, you just have to look and see it with open eyes and a true heart.  People may not be aware that we have been legally under a State of War since Sept. 21, 2001.    Most I’m sure are not aware that we have been under a Declared National Emergency since December 2017; signed by President Trump.  This means that deep-state traitors have carried out acts of treason while America is in a state of war.  Hence, military tribunals.  Several Executive Orders lead up to this, and are available on the Federal Register.  I encourage you to investigate this yourself, and of course draw your own conclusions. It is also important to note that the Pentagon has been given it’s largest budget EVER- this is no coincidence. I believe it is to fund the military assets that will be enacting these operations under orders of the Commander-in-Chief

THIS is what the Left Hand is terrified about.

Destroying a good, decent man’s life means nothing to them if it achieves their agenda (and maybe saves their own skins). They are shameless, amoral, vindictive, heartless, and utterly soulless demons who absolutely deserve their upcoming fate.

I will be watching tomorrow’s Senate Hearing with extreme interest, and with great hope that Good will prevail over Evil…….


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