Beannaithe Samhain!

A Blessed Samhain to you!

I won’t go into great detail about what this most sacred of Irish Celtic holidays means (my post last Samhain is in-depth if you are interested:

Instead, I would like to offer my blessings upon you.  This is the time of the Harvest, when we offer gratitude for the bounty that will sustain us.   This is the time that we honor and venerate our ancestors and those who have passed. To the ancient Celts, this liminal time- that point in the seasons when summer changes to winter- is when it was believed that the ‘veils between worlds’ were at their thinnest, and the souls of our departed can commune between worlds.     It is the time we reflect on the never-ending cycle of life, death and re-birth.  The light dies to  give life to the dark, the dark dies to give life to the light.  The light of the summer and the approaching dark of the winter exist in a balance.   The life of the harvest must exist in the balance with the death that is part of nature.    The  harvest that gives us life, the reality of death that must always follow, and the-re-birth again of new life , that  sustains our bodies and spirits.    A circle;   an eternal cycle.   This is a celebration of all that is Life-Affirming, as we recognize the reality of death and the balance of re-birth.

It is also the first season of the Hunt, where we honor the Sacrifices made so that we may survive.   We honor our Fallen Warriors, those who have been slain in battle. We honor their sacrifices, given with courage and self-less Honor to let us live.    It is a time we reflect on the importance of personal sacrifice, and how that places us in this Great Balance.

We honor this never-ending cycle of Life and Death, and our place in it.   The wisdom  of our ancestors and those close to us who have passed , lives on in our hearts and minds;  always a part of this never-ending cycle.   Our memories of them gives them re-birth, and forever makes them a part of the Balance of The Circle of Life and Death and Re-Birth.

Reflect today on your place in this great cycle. Reflect today on your ancestors and loved ones who have gone on to the Summerlands.    This is the true nature and beauty of our beloved Samhain…….

Mo sheacht mbeannacht ort

‘My  Seven Blessings upon you’



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