True America-MAX SCORE; Leftist Morons-0

The big issue on everyone’s minds this week is of course the tragedy in Houston.  Hurricane Harvey devastated this region this week, and I know I am not alone in sending my prayers and thoughts to our Texan brothers and sisters.  It is known that  horrible events and challenges like this will  test human character. In this particular case, it REVEALS it. I am talking about the courageous and compassionate Cajun Navy!  These folk arrived en masse to rescue Houstonians and bring them to safety, using their own personal watercraft to do it. No expectation of reward, just doing the right thing and demonstrating to the world what Americans are REALLY about. We stand together when things get rough.  Regardless of race or creed, at the end of the day we are Americans.  We have our differences, and like every family we will disagree sometimes.  But,  when push comes to shove we unifyWherever your family came from, whatever your creed is, whether you are Republican or Democrat or whatever else- all of those identifiers we may cling to fall away when we must step up and aid our neighbors. And, we do, without hesitation (as we should!)

I hope with all my heart that the hateful and violent Leftists might learn something from this. They won’t, as Marxists are dependably ignorant and are just useful tools for their Communist Globalist puppetmasters- I’m looking at YOU, Soros…..  I know they will only continue their war against  America and the virtues of REAL liberty and moral center that we are founded on.

Pay very, very close attention to who has been doing the rescuing.   The same proud, white, Southern men who have been the prime targets of alot of the destructive narrative from the terrorist wing of the Left.  Those same ‘evil, racist, white oppressors’ are out rescuing people at their own risk.   Some of the Cajun Navy have even been shot at in the attempt to rescue families.  Yes, some of their boats fly …the Confederate Flag!!!! Oh Horrors!!!  sarcasm off  *    Do you know who they are rescuing? Black families. Hispanic families. Everyone’s families. There are a few poignant photos online now, that I hope will not only go viral, but will sear into the eyes of the Race Warmongers of the Leftist Media to be images they cannot ignore and cannot forget. The photo of one of those  ‘ hateful, bigoted’  White  Southern men carrying an Asian woman and her child to safety out of deep water.  The African American man carrying two white children to safety.  The white Cajun Navy volunteer carrying an entire Black family in his boat, with another boat in-tow full of more family members.  Do you think any of these folks gave a flying yaks a** that some of these Cajun boys were flying the stars and bars- the historical and culturally relevant flag that the Leftists and their media lapdog whores are demanding to be removed everywhere because ‘slavery’?  No- they were shedding tears of gratitude for being rescued by strong, self-sacrificing men who didn’t care one iota about their skin color.  This is the REAL AMERICA. This is what we stand for.

*What we refer to as the ‘Confederate flag’  is actually the battle flag of Northern Virginia. This was the standard for General Robert E. Lee (the one whose name the Fanatical Marxists of the Left are feverishly expunging from schools and the history books). Lee was actually very much opposed to slavery- far more opposed to slavery than Abraham Lincoln was, in fact.  Both Union generals Sherman and Grant actually owned slaves. While they were serving under Lincoln. Think about that. I wrote a blog related to this some time back if you haven’t read it:   It is lengthy, but I discuss the true nature of the Civil War, and it is relevant to issues today. Preview:  EVERYTHING that you may have learned about the Civil War from the communist-induction centers we know as the public education system was ALL A LIE……..)

This week we saw Southern men rushing into the water by boat or raft – or monster truck!!!!!- to help in a time of need, saving anyone they could find. Neighbors, Texans, Cajuns, all colors and creeds,  all jumping in to do what they can.  You can bet that some  proud  Southern women were on the ground, too, to offer aid and comfort and working together to help however they were able.  You know,  actual strong American women with deeply-held values and rock-solid principles (the kind that liberal media and ivory-tower academia love to hate- oh how they despise folk who have strength of character! )     Where was BLM in all this?  Weren’t there African American families in great peril in Houston? Why didn’t they drop their illogical, hateful and childish political rhetoric long enough to offer aid? Oh, that’s right- not politically advantageous enough.  Only care so long as there is a way to use it as a political tool. That’s alright,  BLM tantrum-throwers,   the ‘evil, racist’ white men of the South will launch their flatboats and rescue YOUR families as though they were their own (that’s how that culture rolls.)  And Antifa?  Just saying their name makes my blood boil, but did you notice that none of those Communist halfwits were on the scene to aid in any way?     Funny, I didn’t see one SS flag or related regalia anywhere near any of the white, Southern rescuers.  According to the Antifail vermin, we Whites are all Nazis by dint of our skin color (hint: they are the real ‘Nazis’.  They are more like actual Nazis than those idiotic ‘supremacist’ Stormdoofuses who like to prance around pretending to be ones.  Morons, the lot of them.)     I guess the weaponized Antifa ‘peace through violence’ movement only cares about destroying a society, not preserving one through cooperation, shared values, and a moral center . Marxist scum.  Maybe they were just afraid- all those good ole’ boys there, ya know (ones that absolutely would  offer an epic a**-kicking if those black mask cowards attempted their particular brand of stupidity with them).

Well,  one of the useless celebrity branches of the Unhinged Left did set up a charity for Harvey recovery. The Women’s March (Twitter). How noble!  Except, NOT FOR WHITE PEOPLE. Whites are expressly excluded from this.  And how is that not racist?   What we have also  seen across social media is the Alt-Left actually celebrating the destruction of Houston as vindication/revenge for the election not going the way they demanded it to.   They are jumping up and down in psychotic,  ecstatic glee that  ‘evil, racist Trump supporters were drowned’ (sadly, that is almost an exact quote…) !  You know, the very same demon white folk who are SAVING PEOPLE’S LIVES.  And these Leftloons  are the ones screaming in their shrill, petulant whining voices about ‘compassion’!?!?!?!
Do you know what one Libsheep  journalist was most concerned about? Not the damage, not the peril that people were in- she was up in arms that First Lady Melania was wearing…….HEELS!!!!!!!  OMG such a tragedy!  This only demonstrates the stupidity and utter childishness of the Left.

It heartens me that the forced narrative of the media- that we Americans of White European Ancestry are all hateful, racist bigots- is completely blowing up in their twisted, weasel-like faces.  The true character of this nation was revealed this week by Good People of every race  coming together to help their fellow citizens and neighbors.  The true nature of the Leftists of the media, academia, and politics was also revealed this week by their using this tragedy to promote their destructive and divisive agendas. More hate on us Whites, more hate on us evil women-hating men!, more hate on us ‘bigoted’ Conservatives. Like a light on scurrying cockroaches, the character (or utter lack thereof) of the REAL hateful, violent racists was revealed for all the world to see.

My Brothers and Sisters of America, whether you are White, Black, Asian, Hispanic or whatever, do not let the petty, truculent, and asinine demands of the Alt-Left Marxists dissuade you from helping your neighbor, or living true to your values and morals.  Do not give them any more power by even paying heed to their logical fallacies, ridiculous demands,  and overt stupidity. They have been given far too much power already.




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