Remember and Reflect

73 years ago today young men stormed the beaches of Normandy and parachuted behind Third Reich lines. They did so with great sacrifice, and courage. We owe it to them to honor them on this day, D-Day.

On this day I don’t dwell on the war itself, or the reasons for it. Today I honor the men themselves.  They truly were the ‘Greatest Generation’. They volunteered to face death and the horrors of war, and willingly put their lives on the line for what they believed was right, and to defend principles of what is civilized and moral.  Those that came home simply, and quietly, just got busy going to work/raising families/running businesses and re-building a nation.  These were Great Men, and I don’t know if we will ever see their like again in our culture.  I have seen alot of memes along the lines of :

1944  College Age men Then: Stormed the Beaches of Normandy amidst heavy Nazi artillery.

2017 College Age Men Now:  Need a ‘safe space’ because of ‘words’.

While this is a huge, and in some cases quite unfair,  generalization (and I certainly know many  people in that age range who are definitely not wingeing  snowflakes, and actually give me  hope for future generations),   I am afraid it is true to a degree. True, and completely BY DESIGN AND AGENDA.

However,   this is is not a post to discuss that.   Just to put it into perspective, and to ask of you, my Reader, to do something in light of today. Reflect on the character of these Heroes of D-Day, and reflect on what has happened to our moral compass as a society since then. Reflect on what we have lost.  If you know someone or have family members in this younger generation talk to them about some history, and what kind of character these men had. It isn’t about the war, or politics. It is about CHARACTER and HONOR, something I see very little of today.  If you can somehow get them to at least glimpse what is possible, and what we have lost as a society, then maybe there is hope after all.

These Heroic Men laid down their lives to give civilization a future, and we, and I mean ALL OF US, must remember that and reflect on it. We owe them that.

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