The Long Strategy

Like everyone else in the technologically connected world with a keyboard and internet, I want to offer my perceptions on last night’s Circus of Liberal Propaganda……er, I mean ‘debate’.    Much has been made about Trump’s missteps, and squandered opportunities to bring Clinton’s NUMEROUS crimes to light for the whole world to see.  Was his performance stellar? No. Far from it. From the perspective of a shallow observer, he came off as brash and defensive. Let’s be honest, though- this will only sway undecided voters, and observers who aren’t intelligent enough to see the big picture. It certainly re-enforced the flawed and naive perceptions of those lemmings who blindly support the Globalist Criminal Enterprise known as the Clinton Family (they would fanatically support her even if she skewered live kittens and barbequed them on live television.) Yes, he could have done better. But,  a war is not always won in a single battle……

If you have read earlier posts, you will know that I am not a blindly fanatical Trump supporter.  Anyone who blindly supports a political figure,  without admitting their flaws and shortcomings, is a sycophant and sheep devoid of any critical, independent thought.   He is not an ideal candidate. I do not agree with some of his platforms, though I do agree in principle with others.  To be honest, in some ways he isn’t conservative enough from my perspective.  He has  attributes I respect; he has  attributes that I consider to be negative.  I do respect his drive, and business acumen. He is human, and he is flawed (like we all are). But, this is not a cult of personality for me. I want a LEADER in the Presidency; not a community organizer/propaganda machine who will placate the chosen masses via socio-political engineering , all while  pretending to have a halo despite numerous crimes and deceptions (you know, what we have right now) .  No thanks. I want an ALPHA WOLF in that spot; flaws and all.  No political-correctness allowed. Our continued existence as a free society depends on it.  That being said…..

Of course  there were ample opportunities for Trump to put that lying hag on the spot. He actually did in a few instances. But, it became obvious to me that he is being shrewdly ‘tactical’ in his approach.  Remember, there are 2 more debates left.  He will have time to prep his next attack- with ALOT of ammunition left. The Dems launched ALL of their anti-Trump talking points last night. To have  her use them again in future debates would be stupid, and very costly in the court of public opinion.  Even suicidal in the political arena. They have NOTHING LEFT TO FIGHT WITH.  All they can do is issue the same hollow, pandering platitudes that they programmed her to project whenever she speaks.  She can only issue yet more false ad-hominem attacks (the default setting of the Marxist Left).    Did you pay attention to Trump when she was speaking?  He wasn’t rolling his eyes, or smirking like HillaryBot.2 was whenever he had the floor.  No, he was calculating. Sizing up everything she was saying (like an alpha predator does).  Picking his battles.    You can bet he and his strategists are taking all of that intel and applying  it to the next debate.

The lapdog media is having a field day lambasting Trump for his ‘performance’.   Pay no attention- it is all meant to marginalize and lampoon someone they are afraid of. By ‘de-humanizing’ Trump, they think they can control the narrative. It will not work, because here is the truth of what we all witnessed:   Yes,  the Queen of Death came off as very poised, very articulate. Very coached, and very ‘programmed’.  But- scripted, articulate lies are still LIES.  I am convinced she had the questions many days beforehand. It has also been revealed that she very well may have had an IPad-like  device on her podium feeding her real-time policy/talking points  (videos point this out).  This is blatant cheating, and highly unethical. But we are talking about Dems, here, so surprised I am not.    Conversely, Trump actually spoke from the heart. Genuine answers. TRUTH.  Yes, he came off as brash (even repetitive a few times). But it was also REAL.  Not a slick, polished, propaganda spewing political robot like HillaryBot is.  How many innocents did they have to sacrifice to Moloch for her to stay upright and coherent for that long?  Maybe they just upped the dosages of whatever extremely powerful neuro drugs they have her on…….In any case, if someone can’t tell how artificial she was, how FAKE, then they deserve the enslavement they will recieve if she is given the White House. If we have an election, that is.

It was also blatant that Holt was simply serving the Liberal Machine.  VERY VERY BIASED.  No wonder Trump was on the defensive, he was being attacked from two fronts!   I would have liked to see him deflect, rather than be overtly defensive, but hopefully he will shift his tactics to use it as an advantage (he needs to read Sun-Tzu, and apply it to his debates!!)   It was pure political engineering to fire at him about irrelevant issues like the birth certificate scandal, and his tax returns.  All to take the heat off of Clinton. I’m under no illusions that Trump is a saint (he didn’t get to be a kajillionare by being weak, and to turn 1 million into many billions takes street smarts. Sometimes, you have to get dirty……)  However, his ‘pile of dirt’ is minor compared to the huge mountains of crimes and dead bodies that the Clinton Cabal is responsible for. But except for a brief mention of the e-mails, Holt was all kid gloves with her. Let’s examine some of the many sinister, criminal events that HillBot is involved in and/or directly responsible for, and wasn’t questioned about during this debate:

details of the Email Scandal (intentionally criminal, and TREASONOUS), Going back to the ‘birther issues’ of Obamait was Clinton herself who started that in 2008, issuing orders to Sidney Blumenthal to pursue it. (Trump did bring that up in an effort to defend himself..),   Clinton Foundation (pay to play, and favors to foreign governments. Also treasonous), her deep ties to Saudi Arabia via said Foundation (you know, where there is real, actual oppression of women; yet Clinton is all too happy to take their massive donations and be buddies with them. Lying hypocrite…), her actual, real, oppression of women in the form of destroying the lives of her rapist husband’s victims ( all for POWER, of course. Yet Trump is a misogynist because of a few off the cuff comments he has made??)..  Let’s not forget Benghazi, and her collusion leading to the murder of Ambassador Stevens.   (Whistleblowers against the Dems tend to be exterminated, and he had found evidence of her arming and financing ISIS. She then lied to the families of those heroes who died trying to save the embassy survivors. She is such an evil, evil b**ch..) 

           These are just some of the crimes that can be laid at her feet. I hope and pray that Trump throws down with these at the following debates-  gloves off this time.  This is not just an election (again, if we have one)- it is the defining moment that will mean our survival, or our enslavement.  It is the precipice that we are teetering on right now. Either Marxist-centered Globalism, or a Sovereign Republic with all of its ‘political incorrectness‘ and liberty.  Choose wisely, because your life and freedom depend on it………….

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