R.I.P. Mork

I usually don’t pay attention to,  nor care about,  anything involving celebrities.    Today I am making an exception.

Yesterday we lost one of our most brilliant artists- Robin  Williams was found dead of an apparent suicide.   The world seems just a little bit darker today,   and I imagine that anyone who has been uplifted by his genius would feel a sense of loss and sadness today.

Aside from his warp-speed mind, and his dizzyingly quick improvisation, he imparted a great sense of humanity to everything that he did.  One couldn’t be entertained by his mercurial humor and not be inspired by the tremendous ‘heart’ that went along with it.   I would always feel uplifted, even inspired, after laughing my a** off!  Movies like “Good Morning Vietnam” and  “Patch Adams”  made me laugh and brought me a measure of happiness, but also offered me a sense of hope, of humanity.

Peace be upon you at last, brother.

You will be sorely missed.


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